User Doc

Configure the BaaApp

After the successful installation of the app, open the app settings and configure for a shepherd and the context. Of all the configuration, it is mandatory to set the 'User Name'. This should be the name of the individual that shall own the phone. All other configuration can be skipped.

  • Voice record duration. Change the duration of the voice recording using this menu. Default is 30 seconds.
  • User Name. This setting defines the name of the user (typically a shepherd) using this application. Default is ‘shepherd’. The user information will be added in the config.txt file inside the followsheep folder in your sd card.
  • GPS Logging Interval. This setting inform you how often you want the application to record your track. The default setting is 60 secs. You can change the interval based on your needs. For example every 0 seconds, which means BaaApp will record your track in every second. It might be drain your battery quickly.
  • External Storage Directory. This setting shows where the tracks will be saved. Default setting of this option is in your internal memory device with a folder named ‘followsheep’.
  • One Directory per Track. If you activate this feature, for every track that you saved it will create another folder inside followsheep folder.
  • Filename for named track. This setting defines the filename format of your tracks. Default setting of this option is your Name,start date and time of track taken. You can ignore this option if you do not want to change it.
  • Screen Always On. If you activate this feature, it will make your smartphone screen always on while you tracking using it. This feature decrease your battery life rapidly.
  • Button Preset. Do you have your own preset? You can access it using this menu.
  • Background Map. This feature used to show OpenStreetMap background in your track.
  • Orientation. Change the orientation of the button screen to landscape or portrait mode. Default is Automatic.

Getting Started

To get started, activate GPS/Location(provides location and time information which does not require internet connection to use) feature in your device and in main page, choose plus icon ‘+’ on the top of the application to start tracking. You will be directed to Track Logger page. If you haven’t activate GPS/Location feature in your device, the app will tell you to activate the feature. On top of the page, you can see how good the accuracy you get and the gps signal strength on your phone.

To mark the waypoints directly choose the icons: text note, voice record or Take picture. Complete the track. To save & stop tracking, use the Diskette icon on the top page. After that, you can see the track result in Track list in the main page of the app. See your track result with OSM background map by clicking on the track from the Track list in the main page(to see map you require internet connection. But soon online maps will be replaced with offline maps). You will be in the Display track page. The blue line is your tracking line, the yellow star symbol is the waypoints and the yellow people symbol is the end of your track.

To edit the track details, long press on the track from the ‘Track list’ in the main page of the app. Choose ‘Details’ menu. You will be redirected to ‘Track Detail’ page you can also change the name of your tracklog, give description of your track, add tag, export your track into GPX file format. If you want to convert your track log into GPX to be used in different application, you need to convert through icon in ‘Track Detail’ page. The app will convert your track into GPX format and save it in SD card of your smartphone in the followsheep directory (with assumption you didn’t change the folder name and the path in application setting).

Upload the tracks

The tracks can be visualized on a webpage by uploading zip file of the tracks. Make the zip file of the tracks either by the using any zip compression tools or by exporting the tracks from the application itself. Load this BaaApp server url. Goto the upload option. Browse for the zip track file and submit. As soon as the files are uploaded successfully, the uploaded track will appear on the side menu list with username and uploaded date. Click on the track link to visualize the tracks on the map. The markers on the map will show all the waypoint marked.